Whether you’re planning a total bathroom makeover or a cost-effective update, having knowledge of specific bathroom styles can help make the run smoothly. Picking an aesthetic that you’ll enjoy for years to come is crucial to a successful project. But how to decide on what you like? Let’s dive in to see what characteristics embody each aesthetic. Check out our style guide below to help you choose your perfect look.

Modern Style Bathroom: The Cutting-Edge Bathroom

While modern home design emphasizes clean lines and geometric shapes, modern styled bathrooms highlight these design qualities within a smaller space. Updating your bathroom to highlight this look means including design elements such as freestanding tubs, clean finishes, and lots of storage. Modern bathrooms embrace qualities of minimalism novel design to open up small areas and make full use of the space. Look for recessed lighting, smart mirrors, hidden heating and cooling elements and sleek lines. Space is used as efficiently as possible and the abundance of light will assist with creating an open and airy environment.

Traditional Bathroom Style: Withstand the Test of Time

The timeless elegance of antique bathrooms combine the best of old world luxury and are the anchor points of traditional bathroom decor. Vintage fixtures provide a classic look that may be used in both older and newer homes. Extra deep claw foot or pedestal tubs add a feeling of luxury and extreme comfort, while mixed metals of brass, gold or silver add a lux element. Due to the eternal quality of traditional bathrooms, they are a great option for someone that wants to stick with a style that will withstand the coming and going of various trends and fads. When done correctly, this design style can work in almost any home.

Farmhouse Style Bathroom: Homey, Warm, & Welcoming

Today’s farmhouse bathroom is a great option for someone that wants the simplicity of modern design, but still enjoys rustic elements to add warmth and visual interest. Are you seeking comfort and an escape from the everyday? Then this style is the one for you. Farmhouse modern combines contemporary color schemes and natural elements, offering an organized sleek place to relax among rustic charm. To capture this style, look for shaker cabinets and vanities in fresh, cool tones and install warm lighting, like exposed lamps or reclaimed vintage fixtures. Wall paneling, sliding barn doors, and trough sinks will add the finishing touches to this farmhouse dreamscape.

Rustic Style Bathroom: Emphasizing Nature

Rustic bathrooms embrace all things natural and are perfect for the homeowner that enjoys the outdoors and open spaces. Wood paneling and unfinished metals find their place to shine here when paired with filament bulb vanity lights and organic elements like plants and fixtures. Copper bathtubs and vessel sinks in stone or hammered metal are the show pieces of this design style. These types of bathrooms work best in countryside homes or those in touch with nature. They create a complete feeling of comfort and escape. Choose rustic if you are seeking the warmth of natural materials without the upkeep of sleek modern design.

Coastal Style Bathroom: In with the Tides

Bathrooms are an excellent place to incorporate the essence of coastal living. Water, durability, natural materials, and a casual vibe combine to create a warm and inviting bathroom. Let your bathroom to transport you to another place by installing, large, spa-like showers or a deep soaking tub. Tiles, pebbled stone and other finishes can emulate that tropical vacation you yearn for on stressful days. This style is also easy to maintain and keep clean. Utilizing wood-look tiles for homes that are near the beach allow for easy clean-up of the inevitable presence of salt and sand.