What is laminate flooring?  It was actually first developed in Sweden, in 1977, under the brand name “Pergo”.

Since then, it has taken the flooring industry by storm, creating a new brand of inexpensive flooring options that consumers love.

In fact, researchandmarket.com predicts that between 2019 and 2024 the laminate flooring sold globally will be over 10 billion square feet.

With its ever growing popularity, we wanted to provide shoppers with some helpful information to inform the shopping process, understand what laminate flooring is, and how you can find the perfect laminate flooring for your project.

What is Laminate Flooring

When you first look at a laminate floor you might not know you are looking at a laminate floor. The top layer that you are seeing when you first look down is a high resolution photograph of the desired flooring.  This is called your design layer.  The photograph is typically bonded at high heat and sandwiched with melamine resin. During the lamination process, the manufacturer uses realistic and pearl-sheen inks to give the final image more depth and a more natural and realistic look.

Because laminate flooring uses an image instead of piece of wood, laminate flooring has the added benefit of always being prefinished. Most laminate flooring is finished with a product called aluminum oxide which is a thick high quality sealer that will minimize wear and tear, provide protection from traffic and stains,and enhance the longevity of the flooring.

Underneath the design and sealer is the core layer and backing.  These give the floor its durability and resilience to dings and dents from traffic and it also protects the floor from moisture, to enhance the stability of the flooring once installed. The fact that the flooring is made up of these thin, multiple layers, makes the laminate flooring more stable, and more affordable.

Source: HowStuffWorks

Laminate Flooring Benefits

Now that you know a little more about laminate flooring, are you wondering how this product can help you give you room a whole new look so quickly?  Our laminate floors offer so many benefits which make installing your new floor so efficient.

  • Laminate flooring doesn’t require acclimation – it can be installed the same day its delivered
  • Laminate flooring is quicker and easier to install
  • Some laminate flooring does not even require glue making it even easy to install
  • Laminate flooring is also finished so you don’t need to apply any finish after it is installed
  • Once your laminate floor is installed you can move back in as soon as the installation is complete
  • With prefinished laminate flooring there are no harmful odors which can impact indoor air quality

Shop For Laminate Flooring

Next Day Floors offers customers a unique shopping experience too, for your new laminate floor.  You can visit one of our flooring stores or shop at home so we can show you all your options and help you choose the right floor. Once you pick a floor, Next Day Floors can measure, deliver, unload and install your new floor often times the very next day. We want to make it easy and convenient so you can give your room that facelift you have been dreaming of.

When we tell customers we can help them give their room a brand new look in one day, it is no exaggeration.  We carry several lines of laminate flooring that make redecorating any space quick and easy – and often more affordable that solid flooring or engineered flooring.