Before you start the demolition for your next renovation project, consider carefully if this is something you really think you can do yourself. With the current popularity of home renovation television shows, and the ample information you can find on the internet, the process of installing floors can look particularly easy to the untrained eye. However, this is often far from the truth! Installation processes can vary drastically depending on the material and type of flooring you choose. Save yourself time, stress, and energy and go with professional floor installation. The last thing you want to do is try to DIY the project and end up stuck and in a bind.

Quick Installation

One of the most valuable commodities of a renovation is time. How long will this project last? How much do I need to learn before I even get started? One of the most common mistakes for new DIY homeowners is that they forget how much effort it takes to learn on the go. While a professional can often complete a task in record time, that is only because they’ve taken years to learn the ropes.

Professional flooring installers follow a tried-and-true installation plan so that they can stay on track and hit their deadline. By hiring professionals that are educated in the flooring material of your choice, you will ensure your flooring will be installed in a timely manner.

Peace of Mind

Contractors that are licensed and bonded like at Next Day Floors put more than their reputations on the line. They offer reliability and a guarantee that their installation will stand the test of time. While it might seem cheaper to get your hands dirty and start the renovation project on your own, knowing that the work they do is being completed correctly is worth every penny. By hiring a professional, it is their responsibility to make sure that materials and the site is all in line. Do you have enough tile? Are the floorboards properly acclimated to the space? Is the underlayment correct? True professionals will be with you through the planning, purchase, and installation processes. They will be able to tell you how much materials to order and realistically how much time the project will take.


Purchasing new flooring materials is an investment. And who better to trust your investment with than someone who has done the job many times before? The way a floor is installed can critically affect how it looks and its longevity in your home. Floors can take a beating. From booted feet in the winter, humid summers, and guests through the holiday season, ensuring that your materials and installation are of good quality is an investment in your future. Although a DIY flooring may look okay from afar, there are bound to be mistakes and inconsistencies that could affect the integrity of the flooring in the future. You are essentially creating an insurance policy for your floors when they are installed properly.

Cost Effective

While the upfront price may be higher than you think, a professional installation team can often be more cost effective in the long run. When you calculate materials, time, tools, change orders, experience and the guarantee of the company like Next Day Floors that stands behind the work hiring an experienced contractor is worth it. Especially when you look towards the future. Standing in your home five, ten or even twenty years from now, how will it look? By going with a tried and true professional, they’re sure to still be going strong.

Professional Floor Installation

Choosing to install new floors in your home is an exciting project. By hiring a professional to install your floors, you are protecting your investment. The professionals will safeguard your budget, hit your deadline, and give you the peace of mind your project is being down correctly. Ready to select and install new flooring? Make an appointment today!