With spring rains and winter storms quickly becoming a distant memory, it’s time to get your home and yard ready for summer. From backyard barbeques to splashy pool parties, summer living is all about embracing the great outdoors. Get a jump on things and start preparations early so that when the temps start to rise you can play it cool knowing that your home and yard are in tip top condition.

Deep Clean Your BBQ

Before you spark up the grill take a day to deep clean the interior and exterior of the cooking space. Degrease drip trays, scrub the burners, and vacuum out any leaf or yard litter that might have snuck in. Take note of what type of grill plates you have, stainless steel, cast iron and porcelain all require different levels of care when it comes to cleaning. Lastly, make sure your propane tank is filled and ready to go so there is no delay when it’s time to get cooking.

Tidy The Garden & Prune Trees

The end of spring is a great time to complete yard maintenance. Trim bushes, top trees and fertilize and manicure lawns for a finished look. Make sure that trees and shrubbery have finished flowering before any cuts are made to ensure damage and shock to the plants are minimal. For newly planted areas, sprinkle fertilizer and inspect weed barriers for rips or tears before invasive growth can take hold.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Probably one of the quickest summer fixes, when the weather starts to warm grab a ladder and reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. Make sure the blades are turning counterclockwise to help keep your rooms cool. Don’t forget to wipe down the body and blades of the fan, removing dust and cobwebs. Clean ceiling fans help keep dust and dander from spreading around your space.

Clean Windows, Screens and Vents

A quick way to make your home brighter is by washing the windows! Remove winter haze and springtime grime with a scrub and squeegee. Dry glass with paper towels or newspaper to eliminate stubborn streaks and if you can – wait for a cloudy day. Sunshine can dry cleaning solution or water into streaks before you have a chance to wipe them down, making for double the work.

man cleaning terrace with a power washer – high water pressure cleaner on wooden terrace surface

Clean The Deck and Patio Furniture

After a season of disuse, take an afternoon to clean your outdoor seating area. Uncover and wipe down or wash seat cushions. Turn over and check for critters, yard debris or spider nests. Wipe down wicker, oil teak and remove dust and grime that may have settled into cracks and crevices. For deck areas, a quick power wash can remove stuck on dirt and any loose paint or stain. Check for loose or damaged board and replace as needed.

Assess and Repair Winter Damage

Rain, sleet and snow can do a number on roofs and gutters. Before you relax into summer make sure your roof is in good condition. Check for loose shingles or damaged tiles and secure eaves and awnings with squirrel and bird proof covers. Clear gutters of leaves and other litter and check the condition of stucco and window seals.