Windows are the best way to bring beautiful, bright, natural light indoors. Not only do windows assist with illuminating spaces, but they are also important for airflow and cross ventilation. Yet with all this light and flow, sometimes a little privacy is needed. By installing blinds or shades, your windows will be dressed to the nines and become more than just an opening to the outdoors.  Before we begin, it’s important to differentiate between blinds and shades.

Blinds are horizontally slatted window coverings that are most commonly made of wood, bamboo, aluminum, or vinyl. They are attached via cord and pulley system that draw the blind up and down. Blinds are also known for their ability to tilt.

Shades are a softer window treatment that is made up of a fabric like material that is placed on a continuous roll. They are drawn up or down by cords or a spring device.  Unlike blinds, shades are slat and vane free.  Choosing to install blinds or shades is a practical way to enhance privacy, control light, and maintain the temperature in your home.

Increased Privacy

We bet that you’re not the only one who has peaked through the blinds in order to check to see who is outside before answering the door. Because blinds are able to tilt, they are easy to partially open or close depending on how much or little privacy you desire. In contrast, shades also offer immense privacy due to the fact that they lack slats. This makes them a great option for people that either like their shades open or closed rather than somewhere in between.

Light Control

Similarly to how they offer privacy, blinds are also great for controlling the amount of light that enters into your room. Unlike curtains, blinds are able to partially open which lets light in while still maintaining privacy.  While shades have to be either open or closed, they do come in numerous different opacities that let in various amounts of outside light and visibility. This can affect the ambiance and create a subdued or private interior.


As the cost of energy continues to rise, more and more people are gravitating towards sustainable and eco-friendly options. Cellular shades, which are created with a honeycomb like design, trap air between the window and the shade which acts as an additional insulator between the window and interior of your home. By doing so, your house stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


As with most home improvement materials, cost can vary depending on specific styles. However, whether you choose to install blinds or shades, there are numerous affordable options to choose from. Because of the customization abilities of these window coverings, you can easily pick the options that fit your style without going over budget.

Easy Maintenance

Blinds and shades are both easy to clean and maintain, although have different ways of achieving this. Depending on the material used, blinds can easily be wiped down with a damp rag whereas shades will need to be gently vacuumed or spot cleaned. It’s important to mention that it’s always a good idea to hire a professional if the maintenance requires a more thorough deep clean and follow the manufacturer’s directions.