Homeowners have a lot to consider for 2021. With home prices on the rise, many are choosing to renovate instead of move. But whether you’re choosing to stay or sell, it’s smart to consider the return on investment of any home renovation project. So whether you are looking to remodel the inside of your space or rehab your yard, here are the top five ways on how to increase the value of your home.

Bathroom Facelift

One of the first spaces potential homebuyers review are the bathrooms. They look for functionality and convenience as well as aesthetics. If a full on renovation is not in the cards, a simple way to upgrade is to focus on the fixtures. Swap out drawer pulls, knobs and faucets for something fresh and contemporary and change out showerheads and lighting for ecofriendly or smart fixtures. Freestanding vanities are easily changed while built-in models can be stripped or painted. Wallpaper is having a major moment, so don’t be afraid to do something bold.

Simple Kitchen Upgrade

Kitchen renovations have a reputation for breaking the budget. With a need for new appliances, flooring, tile and backsplash, costs can easily spiral into the thousands. But with a little pre-planning and some DIY grit even a minor kitchen upgrade can easily increase the value of your home.  To keep costs under control, plan on re-using aspects of the existing space. Cabinets can often be stripped and sanded and upgraded with new fronts in a modern style. Hardwood and engineered flooring can be refinished and light fixtures and other hardware swapped out for something fresh. Light neutral colors can help neutralize dark spaces and create a simple, soothing palette for dining at home.

Landscaping and Curb Appeal

Improving the yard and grounds of your home can do wonders to boost curb appeal. Not only does attractive landscaping lure in buyers, but it also implies that the home is safe and well maintained. By keeping the lawn mowed, the bushes trimmed and the garden weed free, you’ll have a yard that worthy of at home staycations and a little revenue boost. For easy improvements turn to flowering shrubs and bushes, native species that thrive in your particular climate, hardscapes and automatic water and lighting. For home care, make sure paint and trim is in good condition, gutters and eaves are clean and leaf free and stucco is patched and primed.

Flooring and Finishing

Great looking floors offer a large return on investment. Whether that means laying new wood planks or refinishing old, making sure floors are sturdy and squeak-free is a surefire way to impress potential buyers and add to your homes value. Wood floors however are not the only option when it comes to long-term upgrades. A range of options like vinyl, laminate, tile, stone and carpet are also great ways to update the look and feel of your space.

Windows and Air

As energy costs rise homeowners and buyers are looking for easy ways to save on heating and cooling their homes. Modern windows are a great way to ensure the temperature inside your space stays constant. Doubles panes, tints, UV resistant coatings and leak-free seals on new models ensure that heating and AC stays where it should. Upgrading HVAC systems and central air are another way to increase the ROI on your home.