Spring is a great time to give your home a good refresh. From cleaning the carpets and floors to clearing out the hall closet, spring is a time of renewal and a great opportunity to set intentions for the rest of the year. Make the most out of your time by following our guide to a healthy and happy home and check out our list of strategies for a successful spring clear out.

Create a Schedule

Cleaning an entire home can be overwhelming. Start logically and make a plan to tackle your space room by room. Breaking your home down into zones can make the tasks a little less daunting. Consider which areas need the most work? What do you tend to gloss over when it comes to daily tidying up? Which will take the most time? Block out an hour to tackle a single goal, and check it off your list when done. Chip away at your to-dos a little at a time and room-by-room you will see progress.

Clear the Clutter

Before making any big changes, clear the little things off countertops and out of junk drawers. It is nearly impossible to wipe surfaces and dust around loose items. Donate, toss or file away papers, dishes, and anything that may have migrated out of different parts of the house. Toss shoes in closets, put away throw blankets and remove any small items that may get lost in the shuffle. You might be surprised at how much better your space looks just by clearing up the small things that get out of place.

Assemble Your Tools

Set yourself up to for success by assembling the proper cleaning arsenal. Break out the vacuum with brush attachment, fresh dust rags, glass and floor cleaner and more intense solutions for breaking down grease and grime. While soap and water can get you pretty far, sometimes difficult appliances like vent fans, ovens and dishwashers need a little more elbow grease. Always vacuum before introducing water, so you can avoid pushing dirt around while wet mopping.

Deep Clean

Now that you’ve removed the clutter, work from top to bottom and in a circle to ensure no spot gets missed. In bathrooms start with a sweep and vacuum to pick up loose dust, dander and other particulates then give all surfaces a good wipe down, scrubbing toilets, faucets and vanities. In kitchens, clear counters and wipe walls, cabinets and appliances with cleaning solution. Clear fridge, toss expired foods and wipe shelves. For bedrooms, swap out dirty linens; launder rugs and clear closets of old or out of date clothing. Follow the same plan for living rooms, hallways and other high-traffic areas.

Detail the Details

Now is the time to really dig in and get out any remaining dirt and grime. Look at vent grills, ceiling fans, shower drains, and stained or dirty tiles. Remove dust from baseboards, window treatments and light switches. Use a damp rag with soapy water to clean doors, walls and other areas prone to scuffs. While these might not be areas you commonly tackle, doing a once a year deep clean is a great way to reset the energy and cleanliness of your home.

Clear the Air

With all these tasks completed the final step is to clear the air. Remember to replace air vents with HEPA rated filters. This not only helps those who suffer from allergies, but will actually keep your home cleaner in the long run. Removing dander, dust and pollen from the air keeps it from settling on your furniture and floor. Air purifiers are also a great addition for extra cleaning power. For a green alternative, houseplants can be a wonderful visual reminder of the outdoors as well as help keep the air clean.

As a reminder, always use the least caustic chemicals for cleaning your home. It is amazing what elbow grease, hot water, and soap can accomplish but don’t forget your gloves, masks and PPE as needed. With a few days of dedicated effort your home can be fresh for spring and through the rest of the year.