Balance can be a hard thing to find during the holiday season – especially these days! From endless engagements, virtual cocktail parties and the delicate dance needed to navigate social settings, setting yourself up for success requires more than just good calendaring skills.

This year, ditch the stress and welcome the true meaning of the holiday season as a time for giving, a chance to be present and do your best to soak in the final moments of the season.

  1. Feel Your Emotions. If this season brings up some big feelings for you, take a moment to acknowledge them. Talk to a friend, take a walk, meditate and process whatever rises to the surface. This year, instead of bottling them up, let them out and let them go.
  2. Ditch the Grinch. Seasonal pressure can get you feeling grouchy. Instead of taking out negative feelings on yourself or loved ones, try to cultivate a your capacity for love and forgiveness. Give yourself space and grace to grow and know that you don’t have to do everyone by yourself.
  3. Journal It Out. Words have power! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or worried, jot down your feelings and make a plan. Create a checklist of tasks and find joy in marking them off one by one.
  4. Detox. Whether it’s sugar or social media, the holidays are no time to start comparing yourself to others. Cut back on anything that doesn’t serve you and start fresh. Drink water, get outside for some fresh air and take a break from screen time.
  5. Focus Inward. Carve out a few minutes to assess your well-being. Sit down, breath deeply and use your breath to calm body and mind. Do a quick check from head to two, feeling for areas of stress and letting it out.
  6. Phone a Friend. Take the time to connect with someone. From siblings to friends, teachers to co-workers reach out and take a moment to check-in. You never know how much that call might mean.
  7. Keep Your Glass Full. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty pitcher. Make sure that you’re taking the time for yourself to stay healthy, hydrated and energetic so that you can be your best self for others.
  8. Take a moment to look at the big picture. If you’re getting overwhelmed with the little things, take a step back and reassess. What will matter in the long run?
  9. Get Moving. Dance, sing, do yoga, run, get outside, get stretching! Any form of exercise will make you feel better, so get going and kick those endorphins into high gear.
  10. Let it Go. Know what you can change and what you can’t. Make an effort to do your best this holiday season and let go of the little things. Focus on the future and the big picture.

So this season, connect with your friends and family and enjoy yourself. Appreciate all of the wonderful moments you create and remember to be present in the moment with peace and love.